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In our shop you'll find many watch parts, only 100% original, from brands like Seiko, Tissot, Citizen, Festina, Breil, Guess, Casio, Fossil, Diesel, Armani and Pulsar.

Below you can see the parts list from the most common parts that we provide in our webshop:



Watch Straps

A watch strap or a watch band, is a strap that holds the wristwatch to the wrist. We sell straps that are made of leather, rubber / silicon, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and sometimes a combination of these materials. 

Below a picture of a diver strap is shown:

   Diver watch strap


Type of attachment

The strap needs to be attached to the watch with, for example, spring bars.

There are several types of attachment to distinguish. We sell straps with, among others, the next three main attachment-types:

 - Spring-bar-attachment

 - Case-pin-attachment

 - Screw-attachment



A spring bar is is a spring-loaded double-ended pin used to anchor the strap to holes in a bracket that is integral to the watch case, allowing (old) watch straps to be replaced with other (new) watch straps. 

Below a picture of a set of spring bars is shown:

Spring bars



case pin or pressure pin is is a massive pin used to anchor the case to the strap, through holes. The pin goes trough the first hole from the lug, trough the pin-hole of the strap and ends in the second hole of the other lug of the watch case.

Below a picture of a case pin / pressure pin is shown:

        Watch pressure pin

Also some straps with this 'case-pin-attachment' also includes tubes, which are used in the lugs of the watch to hold the pin better.



Another type is the 'screw-attachment' which uses tiny screws to attach the strap to the watch.

Also screw-lock-pins or screw-bars are possibly a type of attachment for watch straps.

A picture of a certain screw-lock-pin is shown below:

   Screw lock pins

Also other types may apply. If you've got any questions about this, you can always contact us.



A bracelet is a linked watch band, which is often made of stainless steel, titanium or ceramic materials. The most common material used for bracelets is stainless steel.

Bracelets have fold-over-clasps or butterfly-clasps to attach the watch and bracelet to the wrist.

Below a picture of a Seiko bracelet is shown:

     Watch bracelet



Clasps are used to close the watch strap.



The most used clasp for straps is the buckle. Buckles are used for mainly leather and rubber straps, but may also apply for other materials.

A picture of the buckle is shown below:

    Watch buckle


Deployant clasps / Fold over clasps 

The most common clasp for bracelet is the deployant clasp / folding clasp / fold-over clasp.

A picture of a folding clasp is shown:

   Folding clasp


Butterfly clasps

We also do sell butterfly clasps, which are much used on straps and bracelets.

Below a picture of a butterfly clasp is shown:

  Butterfly clasp



The watch crown is the rotating button on the site of the watch, which winds the watch with a manual mechanism and it stops the watch when pulled away from the case.

The functions of the crown are to set the time, change the date and to wind the watch.

Below a picture of a crown is shown:

      Watch crown


Crown stem

The crown stem is the pin which connects the crown with the movement. By rotating the crown, the stem winds the movement to the desired time to set.

Below a picture of a stem is shown:

   Crown stem



A dial is the 'face' of the watch which is marked to show the units of time. 

Below a picture of a dial is shown:

  Watch dial 



Hands are the indicators of the watch which points the time on the dial. 

Between the main hands, a distinction is made in second hands, minute hands and hour hands.


Second hands

The second hand is the one that points the second-unit on the dial.

Picture of the second hand:



Minute hands

The minute hand is the one that points the minute-unit on the dial.

Picture of the minute hand:



Hour hands

The hour hand is the one that points the hour-unit on the dial

Picture of the hour hand:




Also 'counter-hands' are available for chronograph watches, which are sort of 'mini-hands'.



A bezel is the outermost top-ring, that surrounds the case of the watch. It's the casing part of the watch, which holds the glass or crystal in position.

The bezel can be screwed or snapped on. Some are fixed, while others can be rotated by hand.

Bezels are often made of stainless steel, but can also be made of ceramic materials. (and sometimes also plastic or other materials, but that's not usual) 

In our online Watch Plaza webshop, we sell mainly stainless steel bezels, but also ceramic, titanium, aluminium and plastic bezels.

Below a picture of a bezel is shown:

   Seiko bezel


External bezel

In the 1950's a development according the watch was made and the idea was that an external bezel was the best way to add functions to the watch, without complicating the movement and so the external watch bezel was originated.


Bezel functions

There are many uses for a bezel, like monitoring diving, timing, speed, distance, as a compass or to determine the heart rate. 

A diving watch bezel helps divers to show how long they've been under water. A rotating bezel ensures the diver's safety. The tachymeter bezel is fixed on chronographs, which is used to calculate units per hour. 

And there are several more functions for specific watch bezels which supports the carrier of the watch in particular situations.


In our assortment, you'll find many rotating bezels, but we also supply tachymeter bezels, inner bezels and fixed bezels for many models.


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